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Orgy At Gym Louvre

Featuring: Matt Surfer, Tony Axel, Malik TN

Imagine you're at one of the hottest gyms in gay Paris. You walk into one of the exercise rooms wearing just a towel wrapped around your waist and all of a sudden, you feel overdressed. That's just what happened to Tony Axel.

Tony walks into the exercise room and greeted by the "hard" muscles of Malik TN and Matt Surfer. It's no secret that Malik has one particularly "large muscle" that he really loves giving a good workout. Tony walks up and greets both of them and finds himself in the middle of these two horny hunks.

While Tony sucks on Matt's cock, Malik moves in and works from behind on Tony's "behind" giving it a thorough rimming. Tony now has both men standing and faced with 2 hungry cocks. No need to worry about the people walking around in the background, they're just passing through. lol

Back on all 4's, Malik now does some deep probing in Tony's ass with his fingers while Matt tends to giving Tony's lips a good workout. Malik glances around the room every once in a while but not really bothered by the passersby and Tony is just too busy to be bothered. Matt on the other hand might not be quite as comfortable since he's having a hard time staying hard. I think the real problem is that Matt knows he isn't getting first dibs on Tony's sweet ass. Malik is the alpha male at this gym!

While Tony is busy working Matt's cock, Malik makes his move. Looking at the size of Malik's cock while up against Tony's ass, you have to wonder how in the hell is he going to get that monster up in that tiny ass! Tony then wags his ass letting Malik know that he's ready. However, we hear Tony let out a loud grunt... I'm not sure he was fully prepared for what was going to cum!

Malik works him deep and hard moving him from the floor to standing up then laying back on a workout bench. Poor Matt, he's left to jerk himself off over on the side and watch. Then Malik invites him back into the fold and Tony sucks his cock while Malik continues to pound his tight little ass intensely.

The camera breaks away giving us a look at a group of spectator’s shoes standing off to the side in the corridor. Tonight they're getting a "high impact," "calorie burning" live exercise demonstration. Where do I sign up to join this gym? haha

Time to wrap up this demonstration. Tony lies back on a bench while Malik stands between his legs, finger inserted in Tony's ass and jerks himself off. Matt takes position over Tony's head and blows his load all over Tony's chest. Malik pauses to eat Tony's ass while Tony jacks off and blows his load all over his stomach legs in the air twitching the hole time. Malik now stands over the well spent Tony to put the finishing touches on tonight's exercise.

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